About Marty Conrad Fishing

Marty Conrad Fishing is a privately owned fishing supply company. We work from home but have a direct line to the Luck "E" Strike factory, as it is not far away. This helps us in our efforts to keep you supplied with everything your looking for at the lowest prices.

Marty Conrad and his wife have been in the fishing business for over 35 years. Marty has been a pro fishermen for 15 years. They believe that this is the reason they can make your next fishing trip a successful one.

We work for you! We know that the customer is always right and will do what ever we can to make sure that your next fishing trip will be a successful one with the products we offer.

By calling us for your order you will soon learn, that being a pro fisherman myself, I will provide as much knowledge on what ever bait you need for your best catch possible.

Please make sure to visit this site often as we'll always be adding new products, specials, and fishing tips.

Thanks for stopping by!

How to Order

To order, call us at (417) 748-3001. We're open between the hours of 2 PM and 9 PM Central Time. You can also fax your order to the same number. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email us.